A list of awesome resources for tmux
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Awesome Tmux

List of helpful tmux links for various tutorials, plugins, and configuration settings.

Table of Contents


Cheat Sheets


Tools and session management

  • libtmux Python API for tmux
  • powerline Statusline plugin for vim, and provides statuslines and prompts for several other applications including tmux
  • tat Tab completion for tmux sessions
  • teamocil a simple tool used to automatically create windows and panes in tmux with YAML files
  • tmux-cssh TMUX with a "ClusterSSH"-like behaviour
  • tmux-up Bootstrap new tmux sessions without complex tools, DSLs, or dependencies
  • tmuxifier Tmuxify your Tmux. Powerful session, window & pane management for Tmux.
  • tmuxinator Manage complex tmux sessions easily
  • tmuxomatic Intelligent tmux session management
  • tmuxp 💻 tmux session manager and python library
  • tmuxpair Command line script for setting up a temporary tmux session for pair programming
  • vim-tmux-navigator Vim and tmux intigration


Status Bar


  • tmux2html 🐈 Render full tmux windows or individual panes as HTML
  • tmux-better-mouse-mode A tmux plugin to better manage and configure the mouse.
  • tmux-fingers copy pasting in terminal with vimium/vimperator like hints.
  • tmux-1password Access your 1Password login items in a tmux pane.
  • tmux-simple-git-status Show branch and number of changes in current git repository
  • tmux-plugins Official tmux plugins
    • tmux-continuum Continuous saving of tmux environment. Automatic restore when tmux is started. Automatic tmux start when computer is turned on.
    • tmux-copycat A plugin that enhances tmux search
    • tmux-fpp Quickly open any path on your terminal window in your $EDITOR of choice!
    • tmux-logging Easy logging and screen capturing for Tmux.
    • tmux-open Tmux key bindings for quick opening of a highlighted file or url
    • tmux-pain-control standard pane key-bindings for tmux
    • tmux-resurrect Persists tmux environment across system restarts.
    • tmux-sessionist Lightweight tmux utils for manipulating sessions
    • tmux-sidebar A sidebar with the directory tree for the current path. Tries to make tmux more IDE like.
    • tmux-tpm Tmux Plugin Manager
    • tmux-urlview Quickly open any url on your terminal window!
    • tmux-yank Tmux plugin for copying to system clipboard. Works on OSX, Linux and Cygwin.
    • vim-tmux-focus-events Make terminal vim and tmux work better together.

Development and testing

  • tmux-example-plugin Example Tmux plugin that actually demonstrates how to build plugins for Tmux
  • tmux-test A small framework for isolated testing of tmux plugins.