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Rust Design Patterns

An open source book about design patterns and idioms in the Rust programming language that you can read here.


You are missing content in this repository that can be helpful for others, and you are eager to explain it? Awesome! We are always happy about new contributions (e.g. elaboration or corrections on certain topics) to this project.

You can check the Umbrella issue for all the patterns, anti-patterns, and idioms that could be added.

We suggest reading our Contribution guide to get more information on how contributing to this repository works.

Building with mdbook

This book is built with mdbook. You can install it by running cargo install mdbook.

If you want to build it locally you can run one of these two commands in the root directory of the repository:

  • mdbook build

    Builds static html pages as output and place them in the /book directory by default.

  • mdbook serve

    Serves the book at http://localhost:3000 (port is changeable, take a look at the terminal output to be sure) and reloads the browser when a change occurs.


The content of this repository is licensed under MPL-2.0; see LICENSE.