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🎨 Elegant themes for Sublime Text 3
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Deprecation Notice

This project is no longer under active development. Due to the fact that the original Material Theme is no longer being developed and the fact that I switched from Sublime to Atom, Materialize will no longer be maintained. However, the project will continue to accept Pull Requests.

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Bringing Material theme to the some of the most popular color schemes for Sublime Text 3 and Sublime Text 3 dev. Click here to see some more screenshots.

Material Spacegray

Materialize is based upon the Material theme created by @equinusocio and the following themes / color schemes:


Via Package Control

The easiest way to install is using Will Bond's Sublime Package Control, just search for Materialize.

  1. Open Command Palette using menu item Tools -> Command Palette... (or P on Mac, CtrlShift ⇧P on Windows)
  2. Choose Package Control: Install Package
  3. Find Materialize and hit Enter


You can also install the theme manually:

  1. Download the latest release, extract and rename the folder to "Materialize".
  2. Move the folder inside your sublime Packages directory. (Preferences > Browse packages...)


Activate the theme with the following preferences at (Preferences > Setting - User), based on the theme you want to use. If you wanted to use Brogrammer for example, you would need to do:

    "color_scheme": "Packages/Materialize/schemes/Material Brogrammer.tmTheme",
    "theme": "Material Brogrammer.sublime-theme"

Note : Remember to restart Sublime Text after activating the theme.

Theme Addons

Be sure to check out Materialize-Appbar and Materialize-White-Panels to add even more customization to your theme!

Theme options

    "material_theme_tabs_autowidth" : true,
    "material_theme_contrast_mode": true,
    "material_theme_compact_sidebar": true,
    "material_theme_compact_panel": true,
    "material_theme_small_tab": true,
    "material_theme_disable_fileicons": true,
    "material_theme_disable_folder_animation": true,
    "material_theme_small_statusbar": true,
    "material_theme_disable_tree_indicator": true,
    "material_theme_bold_tab": true,
    "material_theme_accent_lime": true,
    "material_theme_accent_purple": true,
    "material_theme_accent_red": true,
    "material_theme_accent_orange": true,
    "material_theme_accent_yellow": true,
    "material_theme_accent_indigo": true

Recommended UI and font settings

Here are some recommendations for your user settings to make a better experience with the theme:

    "always_show_minimap_viewport": true,
    "bold_folder_labels": true,
    "caret_extra_bottom": 2,
    "caret_extra_top": 2,
    "caret_extra_width": 2,
    "caret_style": "phase",
    "drag_text": false,
    "line_padding_bottom": 1,
    "line_padding_top": 1,
    "overlay_scroll_bars": "enabled"

Additionally, if you are on a Mac with Retina try:

    "font_options": [ "gray_antialias" ]

or on a Windows PC with high resolution try:

    "font_options": [ "directwrite" ]

Known issues

Please see the issue equinusocio/material-theme#67 if you cannot see the bottom panel (find/replace, rename, move, cannot see the box inputs in SidebarEnhancement, etc..). The quick fix is to just grab the border of the panel and move it like so:

Drag the top edge

Custom requests

If you have a color scheme that you would like me to create a Material theme for, I'd be happy to oblige. Simply create a new issue and use the theme request template provided, and I'll try to get to it as soon as possible.

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