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yet another simple static gallery generator
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Sigal - Simple Static Gallery Generator

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Sigal is yet another simple static gallery generator. It's written in Python and it allows to build a static gallery of images with the following features:

  • Process directories recursively.
  • Generate HTML pages using jinja2 templates.
  • Relative links for a portable output.
  • Support themes, videos, EXIF tags, zip download.
  • Parallel processing.
  • MIT licensed.

The idea behind Sigal is to ease the use of the javascript libraries like galleria. These libraries do a great job to display the images, Sigal does what is missing: resize images, create thumbnails, generate HTML pages.

Sigal is compatible with Python 2.7 and 3.3+.

Links :

Themes & Demo

Sigal comes with three themes, based on the colorbox, galleria and photoswipe Javascript libraries:

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