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DevOps Engineer Express course

Welcome to the DevOps Engineer Express course.



This is a 20 days course. Everyday you will learn some new concept or language/tool and you will have homeworks in order to really learn and evolve as DevOps engineer. We start with Theory and Quickly move into pratical things. Here is the full agenda:

0 . Lean & Agile
1 . DevOps Culture and Principles
2 . SOA, Microservices and Cloud-Native
3 . Linux
4 . Bash
5 . Python
6 . Go Lang
7 . Docker
8 . Vagrant
9 . Ansible
10. Packer
11. Terraform
12. Jenkins
13. AWS
14. GCP
15. Telemetry & Observability
16. Stress Test & Chaos
17. NoSQL: Redis, Cass, ES, Kafka
18. Kubernetes
19. Vault
20. Final Test

How long is this?

The course was desined for 20h lecture plus 5h pratical coding per day. For the last project it really depends on the studant. It could be done in week or 2-3 weeks depending on the speed and avaliability.


Here we have all the homework you need todo. You should do 1 per day as we move forward in the course. Don't skip the exercises nor copy from other folks otherwise you wont learn. There are plenty of documentation out there on the internet and I'm sure you can do it :-)

How to use this repository

You should fork this repository and work on the homeworks as you proceed in the course.

*decks*   : You have all the slide decks
*source*  : You have all the sample source code present on the decks.
*homework*: You have all the asigment you need to do in order to really learn.

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