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Windows EVTX Samples [200 EVTX examples]:

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This is a container for windows events samples associated to specific attack and post-exploitation techniques. Can be useful for:

  • Testing your detection scripts based on EVTX parsing

  • Training on DFIR and threat hunting using event logs

  • Designing detection use cases using Windows and Sysmon event logs

  • Avoid/Bypass the noisy techniques if you are a redteamer

N.B: Mapping has been done to the level of ATT&CK technique (not procedure).

Details of the EVTX content mapped to MITRE tactics can be found here, stats summary:

alt text

alt text

Overview of the covered TTPs using attack-navigator:

alt text


Included is a PowerShell script that can loop through, parse, and replay evtx files with winlogbeat. This can be useful to replay logs into an ELK stack or to a local file. By default this script will output logs to .\winlogbeat\events.json as configured in the winlogbeat_example.yml file, you can configure any of your own destinations in winlogbeat.yml (excluded from git) and the example config file will be ignored if winlogbeat.yml is found.

Winlogbeat-Bulk-Read Usage:

## Display help along with examples:
.\Winlogbeat-Bulk-Read.ps1 -Help

## Run with defaults (read ./ recursively and look for winlogbeat.exe in your path):

## If you want to point this script at another directory with evtx files and specify a path to the winlogbeat.exe binary:
.\Winlogbeat-Bulk-Read.ps1 -Exe ~\Downloads\winlogbeat\winlogbeat.exe -Source "..\EVTX-ATTACK-SAMPLES\"


EVTX_ATT&CK's GNU General Public License