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Windows Events Samples
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Windows EVTX Samples [More than 130 EVTX examples]:

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This is a container for windows events samples associated to specific attack and post-exploitation techniques. Can be useful for:

  • Testing your detection scripts based on EVTX parsing

  • Training on DFIR and threat hunting using event logs

  • Designing detection use cases using Windows and Sysmon event logs

  • Avoid/Bypass the noisy techniques if you are a redteamer

For a detailed overview of covered attack TTPs and their mapping to MITRE ATT&CK TTPs check this spreadsheet:

N.B: Mapping has been done to the level of ATT&CK technique (not procedure), some items are marked in grey, meaning couldn't found a closer TTP that achieves same objective.

Below a summarized overview of the covered TTPs using attack-navigator:

alt text


The content of this repository is released under the GNU General Public License.

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