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This sketch implements a complete Web application to control, monitor and configure Iono Uno with Arduino Ethernet. It includes the HTTP API for remote control.

You can find it here.

To access the Web interface, open a browser and go to

The six switches DO1 ... DO6 control the corresponding Iono's relays; the table shows the current state of its inputs and the AO1 field can be used to change the voltage of the analog output.

iono webapp main

To access the configuration panel, click on the icon on the top-right corner. Here it will be possible to modify Iono's configuration (IP, DNS, Gateway, Subnet, MAC address and password to access the Web interface).

iono webapp config


This sketch provides for a procedure to reset Iono's configuration. To this end, power it off, short-circuit pins DI5 and DI6, set the internal jumper (J1 and J2) in bypass position and power it back on; Iono will start with the default configuration.
Now go to, set the new configuration and save, wait for the process to complete, remove the short-circuit and put the jumpers back in their original position.

N.B. If you are using the WebApp sketch included in version 1.x.x of the library on an older version of Iono without RS-485 interface, then use pins RX and TX instead of DI5 and DI6.