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Mathematica-style model and function manipulation in MATLAB.

Function Manipulation

Manipulate can work with any function in the form [a,b,c...] = function(S,p) where p is a structure array containing parameters.

Here, we can manipulate the Hill function using:


  • The function is updated while we move the sliders around, not just when we drop it
  • you can change the bounds easily to adjust how sensitive the sliders are
  • Manipulate automatically read the function file and figured out what the parameters were. This magic is due to getModelParameters.m

Model manipulation

Manipulate can also work with models in the form [a,b,c...] = function(S,p) where p is a structure array containing parameters.


allows us to:

  • the model can have any number of outputs. Manipulate will allow you to plot all of them if you wish. This works because Manipulate reads your function file and determines how many outputs there are.

More sophisticated manipulation

Manipulate can also manipulate models that generate their own figures, etc. More details soon.

Specify a parameter structure

Compare model outputs to a target

Manipulate simulations


Install using my package manager:

install sg-s/manipulate
install sg-s/srinivas.gs_mtools % manipulate needs this to work

or install using git:

git clone # remember to fix your MATLAB path

Manipulate needs MATLAB R2014b or later.

Known bugs and limitations

  1. Manipulate window does not close when manipulating external models. That's because the external model file doesn't know about the existence of Manipulate.
  2. Manipulate will not work with functions defined as [varargout] = foo(varargin)