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VoyantServer is a standalone desktop application that allows you to run a local version of Voyant Tools.

This VoyantServer repository is less interesting since it only contains the server wrapper. See the Voyant repository for more information about Voyant Tools and how to contribute.

What's new:

Voyant 2.0 is a complete rewrite of both the user interface and the server-end components. The following is an overview of some of the more significant changes:

  • a cleaner, crisper appearance
  • better cross-platform and mobile device support (all tools in HTML5, no Flash or Java Applets)
  • advanced search capabilities, including wildcards, phrases, and proximity queries
  • a new tables/grids framework that allows for infinite scrolling (instead of the awkward paging and favourites from before)
  • modifying a corpus adding and reordering documents
  • new Phrases tool for analyzing repeating n-grams
  • much better support for larger corpora
  • vastly improved performance throughout (corpus reader and collocates are notable examples)
  • built-in documentation for the current version


Please note: because of a Java compatibility issue on some machines, you may want to try the most recent preview release rather than this release.

Download the binary release uncompress and click on VoyantServer.jar – this will open a server console and eventually a browser window with Voyant Tools should automatically appear.

Some additional information is available from the main page.


You need Java 1.7+