Minimal OpenGL 3.3 core profile demo
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OpenGL 3.3 Core Profile Demo

This is a demo showing a minimal, portable OpenGL 3.3 Core Profile setup. The OpenGL functions are loaded with gl3w and the context is created using GLFW. Linux, Windows, OS X, and the BSDs are supported.

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You'll need GLFW. On any Debian-based system:

# apt-get install libglfw3-dev

If your GPU doesn't support OpenGL 3.3 and you're using Mesa 10.0+, you can force software rendering with the environment variable LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1. The Makefile has a run-on-mesa target to set this for you.


The Windows build requires the wonderful MinGW-w64, and will be statically compiled against GLFW to create a fully standalone application. Build using make -f Makefile.mingw.


# brew install glfw3

Build the application using make -f Makefile.osx.


A good alternative to gl3w would be glLoadGen, which could almost be dropped directly in-place. GLEW is both much larger and does not support core profile or 3.2+ in general, so it's not an option for modern OpenGL.

A reasonable alternative to GLFW is SDL 2.0, which is bigger and brings along a lot more functionality, such as audio, threading, and font rendering, should you need it.