Accessible geospatial boundaries of Cleveland.
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Various City of Cleveland boundary files that aren't publicly available although they should be.

Inspired by many things including WNYC's Redistricting map

For geojson files, you may need to right-click on the URL and choose 'save link as'.

For data where I didn't specify the license, I don't what know it is (I didn't make the data set), assume your own risk.



Cleveland's current ward boundaries; most recently revised by Cleveland City Council in April 2013 and went into effect January 2014. Available as SHP and geoJSON.

Download the Ward Boundaries as geoJSON

Download the Ward Boundaries as SHP (shapefile)

These boundaries were obtained from the City of Cleveland's Planning Department.

Changes to Cleveland's ward boundaries were first proposed in March 2013 in Cleveland City Council but were later amended to what was passed in April 2013 and went into effect January 2014.

Download the proposed ward boundaries (March 2013) as geoJSON

Download the proposed ward boundaries (March 2013) as SHP

The changes between the proposed ward boundaries and what went into effect were mostly within ward 3 and ward 14.

index.html simple html page using mapbox.js/leaflet that displays the WARDS borders over a mapbox basemap.


Neighborhood boundaries of Cleveland that I derived from a number of sources. See for a background. These are not official and subjective.

Download as geoJSON

License of neighborhoods, CC BY 4.0


Historical Landmark Districts are areas designated by the City Planning Commission as an area containing any physical features or improvements or both which are of historical, social, cultural, architectural or aesthetic significance to the City of Cleveland, State of Ohio, or the United States, and cause such area to constitute a distinctive section of the City of Cleveland. Download as geoJSON

Download as SHP

Obtained from City of Cleveland's Planning Department


Cleveland Police Department's Districts

Download as geoJSON

Download as SHP