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## Summary

There seems to be a problem with running `npx react-native` from inside
a directory that contains package.json file (see
facebook/react-native#34441 (comment)),
however I wasn't able to reproduce it locally.

This PR swaps the order of steps, so that `npx react-native` is run
before package.json is created.

## Test plan

Just check if CI is green.

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React Native Reanimated by Software Mansion

React Native's Animated library reimplemented

Reanimated 3 is here! Check out our documentation page for more information

React Native Reanimated provides a more comprehensive, low level abstraction for the Animated library API to be built on top of and hence allow for much greater flexibility especially when it comes to gesture based interactions.


Check out the installation section of our docs for the detailed installation instructions.


To learn how to use react-native-reanimated with Fabric architecture, head over to Fabric README. Instructions on how to run Fabric Example within this repo can be found in the FabricExample README.


Check out our dedicated documentation page for info about this library, API reference and more:


The source code for the example (showcase) app is under the Example/ directory. If you want to play with the API but don't feel like trying it on a real app, you can run the example project. Check Example/ directory README for installation instructions.


Reanimated library is licensed under The MIT License.


This project has been built and is maintained thanks to the support from Shopify, and Software Mansion

shopify expo swm