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@ikeydoherty ikeydoherty released this Oct 24, 2015 · 2119 commits to master since this release

This is a maintainence release specifically for Manjaro updates

  • 85d478a Release 8.3 for Manjaro
  • 46b0782 Merge pull request #237 from libcg/master
  • 5106dd2 don't use -Werror
  • 25caad2 More Solus defaults. You can disable these in Budgie Settings if you dislike.
  • 6dfd544 Deal with lightdm's weirdess by being GNOME. Vs Budgie:GNOME
  • a92612e wm: Adapt to GSD 3.16 changes (closes issue #204)
  • 8fe5fd9 Undo insanity - broke gnome-screenshot (-i)
  • 3db55d5 Use executable, not commandline
  • cf5d34c panel/applets: Do not trust GdkAppLaunchContext
  • abfc761 data: Disable "md" style - to be removed entirely soon
  • 8b67922 applets/budgie-menu: Disable score tracking (optional in future)
  • 4c58f96 applets/tray: Lock to 24px as its just too problematic.
  • 3dca370 applets/tray: Lock down the icon sizes
  • 233d547 Fix handling of Super_L (overlay-key)
  • 33e8eff Ensure popovers close with windows key
  • 5955540 Switch to start-here-symbolic icon by default
  • 945e706 wm: Add initial basic "always on top" menu item (no check)
  • b821e1d wm: Fix tab timeout, ain't nobody fast enough for that.
  • ea5e255 applets/notifications: Don't enable focus on close button
  • 44611e3 Sync lots more translations
  • 5837345 applets/show-desktop: Be visually consistent with launchers
  • 5081185 Add lock button to session dialog (resolves issue #89)
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