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Open-Source Tools & Data for Music Source Separation: A Pragmatic Guide for the MIR Practitioner

By Ethan Manilow, Prem Seetharaman, and Justin Salamon

This is the code repository for our ISMIR 2020 tutorial about Open Source tools for Source Separation. This repo contains the code to build the jupyter book website where the tutorial content is hosted.

Click here to visit the tutorial!

Building the book

To build the book, do the following:

pip install -e .
python -m --run.cmd='download'
jb build --all book/


I can't get to the tutorial website! What do I do?

If you can't get to the tutorial website, you can either clone this repo and build the book using the instructions above, or clone the repo and switch to the gh-pages branch:

git clone
cd tutorial
git checkout gh-pages
git pull origin gh-pages
open landing.html # or find it in explorer and launch it in a browser.

Questions? Comments? Typos? Bugs? Issues?

Open a github issue here