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Stargate's latest releases can be found here.
Currently, the latest releases support versions 1.17+.

This page details an Extended Support Release program distributing preferred builds for older versions

These builds are not actively developed;
They are minimally supported and will only receive hotfixes for critical bugs

We strongly advise against running outdated; these older versions are only provided for continuity.

Stargate Version Oldest Supported MineCraft Version Newest Supported MineCraft Version Download
0.0.3.X-ESR (Beta) b1.1
(Hmod 133)
(Hmod/CanaryMod 137)
0.7.10.X-ESR 1.1 1.4.7 Link
0.8.1.X-ESR 1.5.2 1.7.10 Link
0.9.5.X-ESR 1.8.8 1.12.2 Link
0.10.9.X-ESR 1.13.2 1.16.5 Link

Useful Resources:


Relevant for LEGACY versions of SG (<1.X.X.X).
An ongoing rewrite will soon be replacing this.
Please see our Discord for more info/support!

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