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* Fixed panel result_file_regex:
  - one non-space character anchored to line start (captured)
  - followed by zero or more arbitrary characters (still captured)
  - followed by a colon anchored to line end (not captured)
  This is tight enough to skip all other lines. The old regex is too
  premissive and matches for example:
    "                  Perhaps you meant one of these:"
  which you see a lot with Haskell.

* Fixed line number formatting so that there is at least one space at
  line start guaranteed for the result_line_regex to match line
  numbers > 9999

* Adjusted file and line regex in syntaxes accordingly

* Fixed multi-line diagnostic indentation (just one more)

* Changed match defs to preferred style.

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Oct 5, 2021
May 21, 2021
Oct 5, 2021

ℹ️ You are reading the README of the main branch. This branch targets ST4. If you are looking for the ST3 version, switch to the st3 branch.


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TypeScript Server Example


Stable Version

Open the command palette and run Package Control: Install Package, then select LSP.

Development Version

Clone this repository into your Packages directory. Open the command palette and run Package Control: Satisfy Dependencies.

Getting started

Follow the installation steps for a specific language server.

Open a document supported by the language server. LSP should report the language server starting in the status bar.

See more information in the documentation 📖.

Getting help

If you have any problems, see the troubleshooting guide for tips and known limitations. If the documentation cannot solve your problem, you can look for help in: