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Let's keep track of the exchanges that support Lightning Network

Lightning Network (LN) is a structure of payment channels open between private individuals and/or companies and represents the scaling solution for Bitcoin; that's why we often called it also the Bitcoin' Second Layer.

With Lightning we can potentially make hundreds of thousands if not million transactions per second and so reach any part of the World (almost) instantaneously.

Lightning therefore constitutes a true P2P network, in full compliance with the abstract of the Bitcoin whitepaper created by Satoshi Nakamoto, while the Base (Settlement) Layer, with its blockchain, is more similar to a broadcast system, since the transaction transcription and so their irreversibility depends on the miners.

We will see many exchanges in the near future that will implement Lightning: it's fast, reliable, and the capacity is increasing thanks to the Wumbo channels.

My proposal is to collect the exchanges that already implemented Lightning Network or plan to do it in a simple table and keep it update. So, let's do it!

Exchange Lightning Support? Status Proof of Support Top Crypto Spot Exchanges Position Node URI KYC on deposit or withdraw Min. Chan Capacity (BTC)
Binance YES (JUL-2023) ⚑ Twitter 1 Link Binance n.a. n.a.
Coinbase NO πŸ”΄ Twitter 2 n.a. n.a. n.a.
Kraken YES (APR-2022) ⚑ blog 3 Link Kraken πŸ™βš‘ πŸ’” YES n.a.
Bitfinex YES (SEP-2020) ⚑ blog 4 Link bfx-lnd0, bfx-lnd1 πŸ’” YES 0.04
Bithumb NO πŸ”΄ n.a. 5 n.a. n.a. n.a.
------------ --------- ---- -------- -------- -------- -------- -----
Bitstamp YES (JUL-2019) 🟑 website 8 Link πŸ’” YES 0.0002
OKEx YES (APR-2021) ⚑ blog 15 Link okex πŸ’” YES 0.04
OKcoin YES (MAR-2021) ⚑ Twitter 32 Link okcoin πŸ’” YES 0.04
NiceHash YES (Q3-2020) ⚑ website 116 Link n.a. 0.005
Southxchange YES (Q3-2018) ⚑ Twitter 176 Link πŸ’š NO 0.0002
CoinCorner YES (Q1-2021) ⚑ Twitter 242 n.a. n.a. n.a.
BitMex YES (AUG-2018) 🟑 Twitter 247 Link BitMexResearch πŸ’” YES n.a.
Buda YES (Q3-2018) ⚑ blog 248 n.a. πŸ’” YES n.a.
Mt Pelerin YES (JAN-2023) ⚑ blog n.a. Link πŸ’š NO n.a.
Paxful YES (SEP-2021) ⚑ article n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.
BullBitcoin YES (SEP-2021) ⚑ article n.a. Link n.a. n.a.
Bitaroo YES (SEP-2019) ⚑ Twitter n.a. n.a. πŸ’” YES n.a.
River Financial YES (OCT-2019) ⚑ Twitter n.a. Link πŸ’” YES n.a.
VBTC Vietnam YES (JAN-2021) ⚑ Twitter n.a. n.a. πŸ’” YES n.a.
FixedFloat YES (FEB-2019) ⚑ blog n.a. Link πŸ’š NO n.a.
LOFT YES (FEB-2021) ⚑ Twitter n.a. n.a. πŸ’š NO n.a.
PrimeBit YES (SEP-2021) ⚑ Twitter n.a. n.a. πŸ’š NO n.a.
SimpleFX YES (SEP-2021) ⚑ website n.a. n.a. πŸ’š NO n.a.
BitcoinVN YES (NOV-2021) ⚑ website n.a. n.a. πŸ’š NO n.a.
Bipa YES (NOV-2020) ⚑ blog n.a. Link bipa πŸ’” YES n.a.
Boltz YES (APR-2019) ⚑ website n.a. Link πŸ’š NO n.a.
Kollider YES (JAN-2021) ⚑ Twitter n.a. Link kollider πŸ’š NO 0.005
LN Markets YES (MAR-2020) ⚑ Twitter n.a. Link LN Markets πŸ’š NO 0.05
Tauros YES (MAY-2022) ⚑ article n.a. n.a n.a n.a
Coinfinity YES (JUN-2023) ⏳ Twitter n.a. Link πŸ’” YES n.a
Ripio YES (AUG-2023) ⚑ Twitter n.a. Link Ripio πŸ– πŸ’” YES n.a
StealthEX YES (NOV-2023) ⚑ Twitter n.a. n.a. πŸ’š NO n.a.

I invite the representatives of the exchanges to signal their support to Lightning Network also in this repo.


⚑ Feel the power of Lightning!

⏳ In progress...

🟑 Signaling support (example: the exchange has LN nodes, will fully support LN but at the moment doesn't support deposits/withdrawals)

πŸ”΄ Non-active

πŸ’© Admittedly against Lightning activation