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Autoplugin for PSVITA
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Chinese simplified translation of Autoplugin version 4.20
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Autoplugin for PSVITA This tool allows you to install/uninstall the following plugins with one click(on ux0 or ur0 or ur0 for SD2VITA):

Plugin Author
RemasteredControls (Adrenaline) TheFlow
DownloadEnabler TheFlow
NoNpDrm TheFlow
MiniVitaTV TheFlow
NoPsmDrm frangarcj
PSVita-StorageMgr CelesteBlue
Shellbat nowrep
Shellsecbat OperationNT414C
Oclockvita frangarcj
NoTrophyMsg TheFlow
NoLockScreen TheFlow
Vitabright (only 3.60 and PSVITA) devnoname120
pngshot xyz
Vflux Applelo
Repatch dots-tb
LOLIcon dots-tb
NoAVLS SilicaAndPina
ds3vita xerpi
ds4vita xerpi
PSVita USB streaming! (UVC USB Video Class) xerpi
DSmotion OperationNT414C
VitaGrafix Electry
usbmc Yifan Lu
Custom Splash Boot Princess of Sleeping
FuckPSSE SilicaAndPina
PSMPatch SilicaAndPina
ITLS-Enso SKGleba
TropHAX SilicaAndPina
noPsmWhitelist SilicaAndPina
AnalogStickDisable Hack-Usagi
reF00D FAPS Team
FreePSM SilicaAndPina
LOLITA 500/444 teakhanirons
NoPowerLimitsVita Electry
VGi Electry

Optional settings

  • Q-Encore by Yoti
  • Update plugins automatically
  • More....

Small note for Splash image

To insert a personalized image at startup it must be inserted in png format with the format 960X544 with the name splash.png in the path ux0:CustomBootsplash/splash.png You no longer need to add "- load ur0: tai / custom_boot_splash.skprx"

Small note for the translation of the languages using non-standard characters

Download the font.pgf file(here ) and insert it in the path ux0:data/autoplugin/font (Remember if the font folder does not exist you have to create it) This fixes missing non-standard characters, absent from english charset. It results in _ instead of the unusual letter.

Nightly version

During the week there will be Nightly versions (here for the testers with the changes to the source code. On the weekend a stable release


Thank you

  • Team OneLua
  • TheFloW
  • yifanlu
  • qwikrazor87
  • CelesteBlue
  • FAPS Team
  • devnoname120
  • bamhm182
  • nowrep
  • frangarcj
  • xyzz
  • xerpi
  • Rinnegatamante
  • Applelo
  • joel16
  • dots-tb
  • Princess of sleeping
  • Hack-Usagi
  • SilicaAndPina
  • OperationNT414C
  • Electry
  • SKGleba
  • chronoss09
  • Yoti
  • teakhanirons


NanospeedGamer(thank you big friend)


  • NanospeedGamer/RY0M43CH1Z3N/gvaldebenit for translation in Spanish
  • SridentPSV/chronoss09/dragtaz for translation in French
  • MrGhidini/d1l4y/MurreySkull for translation in portugueseBr
  • GreekMans for translation in Greek
  • ConsoleHax for translation in Dutch
  • Weediee for translation in Polish
  • Kouchan/kood_infothief/Umineko1993 for translation in Japanese
  • Omoinemie/yexun1995 for translation in Chinese
  • taiwan-no1 for translation in Traditional Chinese
  • sakirasci for translation in Turkish
  • AlbertonRD/Schn1ek3 for translation in German
  • theheroGAC for translation in Italian
  • IgrovoeShow for translation in Russian


In case you want to support the work of the team on the vita, you can always donate for some coffee. Any amount is highly appreciated:


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