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Tigase Swift XMPP client library
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Documentation Feature #4246 - added support for PEP and added documentation for PubSub Oct 3, 2016
LibXML2 Issue #4097 - changed XML parser from NSXMLParser to LibXML2 due to b… Apr 17, 2016
TigaseSwift.xcodeproj Added support for logging data exchanged over XMPP stream #tigaseswif… May 10, 2019
TigaseSwift Fixing a report from TestFlight #siskinim-136 Jul 6, 2019
TigaseSwiftTests Task #4556 - source code converted to Swift 3 Sep 21, 2016
.gitignore Task #4235 - fixed issue with code highlighting in singlepage html re… Jun 22, 2016
COPYING Task #4097 - initial commit Apr 16, 2016
License.html Added AGPLv3 license file Dec 22, 2018
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