NYC Citi Bike system data and analysis
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NYC Citi Bike Data

Code in support of this post: A Tale of Twenty-Two Million Citi Bikes: Analyzing the NYC Bike Share System

This repo provides scripts to download, process, and analyze data for NYC's Citi Bike system data. The data is stored in a PostgreSQL database, uses PostGIS for spatial calculations, and R for data analysis.

Pretty much a copy of the taxi/Uber data repo, at some point the Citi Bike, taxi, and Uber datasets could probably be combined into a single unified NYC transit database...


1. Install PostgreSQL and PostGIS

Both are available via Homebrew on Mac OS X

2. Download raw taxi data


3. Initialize database and set up schema


4. Import taxi data into database and map to census tracts


5. Analysis

Additional Postgres and R scripts for analysis are in the analysis/ folder

Other data sources

These are bundled with the repository, so no need to download separately, but:

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