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kevinyan815 commented Jun 2, 2018





jberkus commented Aug 16, 2021

The way it is now:

If collecting commit data fails due to a git checkout error (e.g. permissions error on the repo directory, missing git executable, etc.), the Repo nevertheless gets marked as "Update" and no attempt is made to ever check out the repo again.

The way it should be:

If a worker can't check out a git repo, or can't extract data from it, it should keep retrying until the situ

Provides an unified JSON access API, you can adapter any JSON library to Gson, Jackson, FastJson with easyjson。 提供了一个JSON门面库,就像slf4j一样。easyjson本身不做json的操作,完全依赖于底层实现库。可以直接使用Easyjson的API,底层的JSON库随时可切换。也可以使用其中某个json的API,然后通过easyjson适配给其他的json库

  • Updated Dec 20, 2021
  • Java
ninjaparade commented Aug 26, 2019

I think a great feature of this package would be to allow the underlying mailable to return the message_id

I recall you can do something like this

 $this->withSwiftMessage(function ($message) {
    /// $message->getId() available here.

I think it would be great if you're tracking opens/clicks from these services and their web hooks.

I personally do this with mai


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