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what is pythonocc?

pythonocc is a python library whose purpose is to provide 3D modeling features. It is intended to developers who aim at developing CAD/PDM/PLM applications.

Latest release : pythonocc-core 0.17.2 (january 2017)

How to quicky download/install binaries ?

pythonocc provides precompiled conda packages (they depend on third part libraries made available from the dlr-sc conda repository). This will get you up and running in minutes whether you run win32/win64/linux64/osx64:

# install pythonocc in an environment named `pythonocc` with python 3.5; use python=2 for legacy python 2.7.12
conda create -n pythonocc -c pythonocc -c dlr-sc pythonocc-core==0.17.2 python=3

Nightly builds are available from another repository. If you want to test features under development that have not been released yet:

conda install -c tpaviot -c dlr-sc pythonocc-core==nightly

How to compile ?

You can of course build pythonocc-core by your own. Read the instructions.

Online resources

We use the following online resources:

how do oce and pythonocc relate?

The basis of pythonocc is python wrapper for the oce C++ library / CAD kernel, aka pythonocc-core. pythonocc-core version number correspond to oce library releases its wrapping.

For example; the current pythonocc-core release, 0.17.2, requires any of the OCE 0.17.x releases. Here, the Major version name of either OCE or pythonocc-core release is 0, the Minor version is 17 and the Patch version is (optionally) x. pythonocc-core can be built with any OCE version that has a corresponding Major and Minor version number. For example, pythonocc-core 0.17 can be built with OCE-0.17.1.


You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 as published by the Free Software Foundation.