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Roger Buehler and Roger Buehler swx 2016 files for MiniLinearServoV8 added
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Adafruit tutorial for Adafruit OLED-Display SSD1306 128x64 added Apr 17, 2016
ArduinoUNO_Line_Follower_1 Arduino Line Follower Code added Nov 13, 2016
DIY Servo Controller DIY Servo Controller Eagle CAD and PDF added Jan 4, 2016
ESP8266Demo Code for ESP8266 Master and Slave (Arduino) added May 15, 2016
ESP8266_Commander nodemcu-flasher-master and firmware.bin added May 8, 2016
Hercules V1.6 single parts STL for hercules added Apr 16, 2016
LaserShow Laser Show all kinds of versions added Feb 8, 2016
Maxiimo 2.5.3 Solidwork 2014 files moved to sub-directory Oct 11, 2016
MiniLinearServoV8 swx 2016 files for MiniLinearServoV8 added Feb 1, 2017
Nemo Linear Servo Housing named Nemo added Jan 10, 2016
Proton Rev 2 - Easter Edition arduino code added for wolly Jul 16, 2016
ProtonMiniV2_SingleSTLFiles single STL files added for ProtonMini - optimized gear-wheel Dec 24, 2015
SWX IGS added for Proton Mar 1, 2016
legacy/legacyLinearServoV1 previous legacy version added Dec 24, 2015
pwm_servo_controller_driver_hercules new servo controll diy with arduino code - attiny85 Apr 15, 2016
win-D swx2014 and single stl-files added Sep 20, 2016
wolly arduino code added for wolly Jul 16, 2016
BestellsetMiniLinearServoV8.STL new files added for wolly 3.6 Dec 22, 2015
MiniLinearServoV8.STP step-files added Dec 23, 2015
OrderSetProtonMini1x.STL gear-wheel replaced Dec 24, 2015
ProtonMiniV2.STP step-files added Dec 23, 2015 step-files added Dec 23, 2015

  • 3D-Printer Files
  • have any questions pls ask:

  • you might need some sandpaper if the parts won't fit --> 3D-Print is hard to predict and therefore the size is better bigger than to small