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UPX is an anonymous cryptocurrency, much like Monero. The advantages of uPlexa being that IoT devices are able to mine at a more efficient rate, allowing for the network to become more decentralized. Other advantages include a lightweight blockchain, fast synctimes, and fairly fast transactions (2 minute block times). It may be used by anyone, anywhere. We will reach adoption through technical advancements, whilst also maintaining a focus on the forefront: marketing to adopters.

Our adoption advertising strategies revolve around a unique payment processing merchant we will be launching for UPX. Features for said system, do not exist for any current cryptocurrency. Other strategies will include incentivizing shop owners to have their users use UPX to pay, bringing more eyes to the ease-of-use of our cryptocurrency; whilst also lessening payment processing fee's from mass merchants and banks, all while allowing for security and anonymity.

uPlexa NightCore UPXTWO includes:

  • CryptoNight-UPX v2 algorithm to help bridge the gap between lower end mining hardware and higher higher end hardware. Look out, this algorithm is crazy fast.
  • 2 Minute Block times
  • Bulletproof transactions
  • Lightweight, fast-syncing blockchain (Currently ~1.3Gb) w/ remote node support
  • LWMA Difficulty Algorithm to prevent Flash mining attacks

Releases being compiled, please check back in a few hours.

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