Drupal Module to implement the University of Iowa Branding Bar
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The UI Branding Bar provides a top 40 pixel bar to your Drupal website. These sections are not blocks, they are rendered directly to the top region of your site.

The module has been built to be compatibile with all modern browsers, as well as older versions of Internet Explorer.

Installation and configuration

Enable the module as usual.

Settings for the module can be found when logged into your site at admin/config/user-interface/uiowa-bar


Why have the custom links if you are looking for consistency?

Many sites previously used some of the branding bar space for call to action links or links back to their original unit. This function still allows these options, but presented in a consistent way across all sites.

Why are the custom links hidden on mobile?

This was done to save real estate on mobile display.

Where is the global footer?

This was removed as it was more confusing to users than helpful.

The global footer provided the copyright, do I need that on my site?

All information on a web site is automatically copyrighted, so you do not need to have it on your site. If you would like it, feel free to include it in your site footer.

The global footer provided a link to the privacy statement, do I need that on my site?

The privacy statement linked off the home page covers all sites under uiowa.edu, however you may consider adding it to your site footer as well.

What is the tag manager code?

This module adds a Google Tag Manager code to all sites with a single Google Analytics code in it. This allows for tracking traffic across all sites using this module. It is meant to handle the situation where a site did not install Google Analytics and needs information about their site, however it may also be used to gather data about how traffic flows across the University web sites.

This will not impact any Google Analytics code that may be on your site already.

Will websites also be required to use a standard favicon/touch icons?

While not mentioned specifically in the brand manual, it is encouraged to use the gold dome on a black background as outlined in the social media section. There is a Drupal module available which can put this in place for you.