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An overview of information related to the ISF Video specification

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Interactive Shader Format

ISF stands for "Interactive Shader Format", and is a file format that describes a GLSL fragment shader, as well as how to execute and interact with it. The goal of this file format is to provide a simple and minimal interface for image filters and generative video sources that allows them to be interacted with and reused in a generic and modular fashion.

ISF was originally created by VIDVOX in 2013 and is now on version 2.0 of its release.

ISF Documentation

Information related to using ISF compositions and FX in various host software can be found here: ISF Documentation.

This includes:

  • The ISF Quick Start, a guide to quickly get started with writing GLSL shaders in the ISF specification. A good starting point for people who already know how to code and are just looking to understand the core concepts of ISF.
  • The ISF Reference Pages, an overview of the available built-in variables, functions and other conventions used by ISF as a quick reference for shader developers.
  • The ISF Primer, a set of in depth lessons with walkthroughs for writing your first GLSL shaders and discussion of advanced usages of the ISF specification.

ISF Shader Library

The standard set of ISF compositions and FX that are included with VDMX can be found here: ISF Files

Simple test ISF files that demonstrate ISF's basic features: ISF Test/Tutorial filters (these are test filters, and we don't expect them to have signifcant creative use)

A community website where ISF files can be created, viewed and shared online can be found here:

ISF Specification

The ISF Specification Page contains detailed information about ISF application developers, along with links to source code repositories and other useful resources to get started with.


An overview of information related to the ISF Video specification






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