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Virtusize Developer Docs
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Virtusize developer docs


Before anything else, start with installing the necessary items:

pip install -r requirements.txt


  • Don't use HF for this!
  • Bump the version in
  • Create a headline for the changes from "NEXT RELEASE" with the same version
  • Commit and push to develop
  • Generate the docs and push them to the master branch on Github:

    make gh-pages

  • Create a new release on Github with the changes that were made

Development build

To build the html in the develop branch for testing before publishing it:

make html

The Makefile target was derived from

How to translate

Full documentation of sphinx's internationalization can be found here:

From root dir run:

make gettext

This will extract new messages from the documentation and generate new .pot files in ./build/locale.

Change directory into source:

cd source

Then run with the correct language code you are targetting. There may be multiple "-l " directives. This command can be run multiple times. It updates the files, if there have been additions to the documentation:

sphinx-intl update -p ../build/locale -l ja

# or like this: 

sphinx-intl update -p ../build/locale -l ja -l de

Go back to the root directory.

cd ..

From the root directory you can run the following command to build the .mo files, after translating:

sphinx-intl build

Now you are able to build the documentation in a specific language, like this:

make -e SPHINXOPTS="-D language='ja'" html

If you include a new language, the Makefile has to be changed to include the language in the gh-pages section.

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