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Single machine scheduling problem with deadlines and minimization of the weighted sum of completion times
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Executable - Branch and Memorize


OpenSolution.bat: open the vs solution containing all 4 projects.

BranchMemorize: code project of the Branch and Memorize

sips: code project of Tanaka's algorithm

Tester1Dtilde: code project of the tester. (the VS solution file is inside)

Output: the exe file of all projects are copied to this folder. Use this folder to run any program. The dataset is also there. Extract the data first.


To run the tester:

Put parameters in tester_config.txt, then run tester.exe tester_config.txt

The meaning of parameters can be found in tester_config.txt.

Or in Tester1Dtilde/testutils.h. Check the Config class.

The data .zip in Output folder should be decompressed first.

Also check the macro parameters in testexact1.cpp. (PMAX, WMAX)

To run the BB (pvw.exe):

  • The datafile path should be passed as argument, otherwise use donnees.dat by default.

  • the pvw.ini must exist. One parameter per line

  • Line 1: Search Strategy

    0, classical depth first 1, classical best first 2, classical breadth first 3, depth first memo 4, best first memo 5, breadth first memo 6, solution/lb memo (depth first)

  • Line 2: LB Strategy. always use 0.

  • Line 3: Clean Strategy. Put 3 to use LUFO.

  • Line 4: Dominance Strategy. Put 0 to disable or 12 to enable predictive dominance (by checking k-permutation)

To run the sips program:

  • arguments: "sips.exe datafile nbJobs"
  • Check the macros in extension.h and sips_common.h (e.x. P_MAX, etc)
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