Agenda 20181101

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TPAC Debrief

  • See minutes. We would like to hear feedback, review actions, and summarize key takeaways

Steps to Recommendation for Payment Request

  • Resolve final issues (e.g., canMakePayment, supportedTypes removal, billing address pull request merge) and update the specification
  • Get (security, privacy) review of new features, then return to Candidate Recommendation
  • Align implementations and test suite
  • Recommendation in Q2 2019

Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) Review

  • SRC v 0.9 has been published; see support materials including webcast.
  • Should we organize a formal WPWG review before the end of the public review period (3 December)?
  • Can someone take an action to map SRC roles to PR API ecosystem roles?

Payment Handlers

  • Is there interest in a monthly meeting of people interested in creating Web-based payment handlers? This would help us continue to get feedback on the specification and resolve issues.

Draft deployment FAQ

For a future agenda

  • Scheduling the next face-to-face meeting of the WPWG
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