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FTF Agenda 201909

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This is the agenda for the 16-17 September 2019 face-to-face meeting of the Web Payments Working Group during TPAC 2019. See who has registered (Member-only)


Venue and Accommodations


The Chairs recommend reading the following in advance of the meeting:


16 September

  • 8:30-9:00 Get settled, laptop setup.
  • 9:00-9:10 Chair welcome, round-the-table intros, administrativa (e.g., dinner count and W3C Dev meetup), use of breakouts. (Nick Telford-Reed). For dinner: (menu in English). Send dinner request to Ian
  • 9:10-9:30: Review of agenda and goals (Nick Telford-Reed)
    • Status of current work (PR API, PH API, SRC, pain points)
    • Candidate future work (rechartering, Web Monetization, pain points)
    • Relationship to other work (WebAuthn, Payments in Asia)
    • Objectives
      • Remove any blockers to moving Payment Request forward in publication process
      • Explore enablers for wider engagement of community with Payment Handler
      • Hear about developments in new payment methods
      • Agree priorities for future work and re-chartering
      • Continue to develop our web payment community
  • 9:30-09:45: Payment Request API 1.0 (Rouslan Solomakhin, Google; Justin Toupin, Google)
    • Chrome demo: retry
  • 09:45-10:30: Payment handlers - where are we, where do we go next? How do we get breakthrough here?
    • Chrome demos of (1) paymentmethodchange event (2) new UI (3) 337: delegation of requests for data
    • Topic: how to demonstrate value proposition of payment handlers (e.g., conversions, improved security).
    • Topic: standardization of just-in-time install and skip-the-sheet
  • 10:30-11:00: Coffee break
  • 11:00-13:00: Card Payment Security Task Force
    • SRC briefing - card scheme members of the group reflect on SRC v1 and how it fits with the work of WPWG? (volunteers needed!)
    • Demos (and how different from April demos). (Jonathan Grossar, Mastercard). Focus on user flows and identity (30 minutes).
    • SRC payment method draft (30 minutes) (Tomasz Blachowicz, Mastercard). Slides from Tomasz
    • On taking up SRC as a Rec-track deliverable (Ian Jacobs)
    • Related topics:
  • 13:00-14:00 Lunch. Place dinner order.
  • 14:00-15:00 Payments in Asia
    • QR Code Payments in Japan (Takashi Minimii, JCB) (25 minutes)
    • Updates on Payments in Asia (Sakiko Suzuki, SWIFT Asia) (25 minutes)
    • (Demo) GPI Tracked Payment and PR API (Vincent Kuntz, ISO 20022 RA) (10 minutes)
  • 15:00-15:30 Coffee
  • 15:30-16:00 Airbnb experience with Payment Request (Alex Liu, Michel Weksler)
  • 16:00-17:45 Breakout session 1
    • Candidate: What do we need to get broader and interoperable adoption of payment handlers? (Underlying this question is: how can we increase Payment Request adoption?)
  • 17:45-18:00: Recap of breakouts
  • 18:00: Note start time tomorrow!
  • 18:15: Leave for dinner
  • 19:00: Dinner at Keien

17 September


  • Sakiko Suzuki (SWIFT Asia)
  • Ciciley Nelson (TSYS)
  • Vishal Mehta (Expedia)
  • Gerhard Oosthuizen (Entersekt)
  • Gildas Le Louarn (Linxo)
  • Jeremy Wagemans (Stripe)
  • Yuriy Dybskiy (Puma Browser)
  • Tobie Langel (UnlockOpen)


  • Russell Kendall
  • Danyao Wang (Google)