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Download and use Census TIGER/Line shapefiles in R
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tigris is an R package that allows users to directly download and use TIGER/Line shapefiles ( from the US Census Bureau.

To install the package from CRAN, issue the following command in R:


Or, get the development version from GitHub:


As of version 0.9.1, tigris defaults to the 2018 TIGER/Line and Cartographic Boundary shapefiles.

To learn how to use the package, I'd recommend the following materials:

Available datasets:

Please note: cartographic boundary files in tigris are not available for 2011 and 2012, and have not yet been released for 2019.

Function Datasets available Years available
nation cartographic (1:5m; 1:20m) 2013-2019
divisions cartographic (1:500k; 1:5m; 1:20m) 2013-2019
regions cartographic (1:500k; 1:5m; 1:20m) 2013-2019
states TIGER/Line; cartographic (1:500k; 1:5m; 1:20m) 1990, 2000, 2010-2019
counties TIGER/Line; cartographic (1:500k; 1:5m; 1:20m) 1990, 2000, 2010-2019
tracts TIGER/Line; cartographic (1:500k) 1990, 2000, 2010-2019
block_groups TIGER/Line; cartographic (1:500k) 1990, 2000, 2010-2019
blocks TIGER/Line 2000, 2010-2019
places TIGER/Line; cartographic (1:500k) 2011-2019
pumas TIGER/Line; cartographic (1:500k) 2012-2019
school_districts TIGER/Line 2011-2019
zctas TIGER/Line; cartographic (1:500k) 2000, 2010, 2012-2019
congressional_districts TIGER/Line; cartographic (1:500k; 1:5m; 1:20m) 2011-2019
state_legislative_districts TIGER/Line; cartographic (1:500k) 2011-2019
voting_districts TIGER/Line 2012
area_water TIGER/Line 2011-2019
linear_water TIGER/Line 2011-2019
coastline TIGER/Line 2013-2019
core_based_statistical_areas TIGER/Line; cartographic (1:500k; 1:5m; 1:20m) 2011-2019
combined_statistical_areas TIGER/Line; cartographic (1:500k; 1:5m; 1:20m) 2011-2019
metro_divisions TIGER/Line 2011-2019
new_england TIGER/Line; cartographic (1:500k) 2011-2019
county_subdivisions TIGER/Line; cartographic (1:500k) 2011-2019
urban_areas TIGER/Line; cartographic (1:500k) 2012-2019
primary_roads TIGER/Line 2011-2019
primary_secondary_roads TIGER/Line 2011-2019
roads TIGER/Line 2011-2019
rails TIGER/Line 2011-2019
native_areas TIGER/Line; cartographic (1:500k) 2011-2019
alaska_native_regional_corporations TIGER/Line; cartographic (1:500k) 2011-2019
tribal_block_groups TIGER/Line 2011-2019
tribal_census_tracts TIGER/Line 2011-2019
tribal_subdivisions_national TIGER/Line 2011-2019
landmarks TIGER/Line 2011-2019
military TIGER/Line 2011-2019
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