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Comic book Browser & Reader

Comic book files are simply compressed archives in either Zip, Rar or 7-zip format. Renamed with an extension matching CB|, CBR or CB7 respectively.

The Comic Book Browser (cbr-manager) is a graphical tool to allow you to navigate to the directories that they are stored in and view the folder content as a series of cover images. The cover images are images extracted from the archive files, using an alphabetic selection of the first image in the file to use as the cover.


Development is carried out using Open Source software, primarily using the excellent Electron program using JavaScript, HTML and CSS - all underpinned with Google Chromium and Node.js to make it truly cross platform. So the aim is this should run on Linux, Windows and even fruit based systems. Although I have no way of testing with a fruit, I will be testing using Linux & Windows.

The browser makes use of a number of Open Source Node.js modules from NPMJS to provide the content.

Here be Dragons!

At this stage it is very much a work in progress. As time goes by it becomes more stable and things are starting to look more as I'd like them to. But it's still not a finished product, so please treat it as such and report any issues on the issues tab.

Getting Started

Ok, so you've not run away. If you want to grab the code and run it you'll need to install Node.js and have it available in your path. Then you can use git or git desktop to checkout a copy of the source code to your system.

  1. Create a folder to put the code into or use your existing github folder
  2. Download the source using $ git clone
  3. Choose a branch, dev or master $ git checkout dev
  4. Enter the cbr-manager folder $ cd cbr-manager
  5. Install the project dependencies using $ npm install
  6. Run it $ npm start
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