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Wikipedia iOS

The official Wikipedia iOS app.

Wikipedia MIT license

Note: The latest main branch is set up to build with Xcode 14.1.0.

Building and Running

In the directory, run ./scripts/setup. Note: going to scripts directory and running setup will not work due to relative paths.

Running scripts/setup will setup your computer to build and run the app. The script assumes you have Xcode installed already. It will install homebrew, SwiftLint, and ClangFormat. It will also create a pre-commit hook that uses ClangFormat for linting Objective-C code.

After running scripts/setup, you should be able to open Wikipedia.xcodeproj and run the app on the iOS Simulator (using the Wikipedia scheme and target). If you encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to let us know via a bug report or messaging us on IRC in #wikimedia-mobile on Freenode.

Required Dependencies

If you'd rather install the development prerequisites yourself without our script:

  • Xcode - The easiest way to get Xcode is from the App Store, but you can also download it from if you have an Apple ID registered with an Apple Developer account.
  • SwiftLint - We use this for linting Swift code.
  • ClangFormat - We use this for linting Objective-C code.


Covered in the contributing document.

Development Guidelines

These are general guidelines rather than hard rules.

Coding Guidelines


We use Xcode's default 4 space indentation and our .clang-format file with the pre-commit hook setup by scripts/setup. Where possible, our Swift code is automatically formatted by SwiftLint based on the rules defined in .swiftlint-autocorrect.yml.

Process and Code Review Norms

Covered in the process document.


When reading logs, note that the log levels are shortened to emoji.

  • 🗣️ Verbose
  • 💬 Debug
  • ℹ️ Info
  • ⚠️ Warning
  • 🚨 Error


The Wikipedia scheme is configured to execute the project's iOS unit tests, which can be run using the Cmd+U hotkey or the Product → Test menu bar action. In order for the tests to pass, the test device's language and region must be set to en-US in Settings → General → Language & Region. There is a ticket filed to update the tests to pass regardless of language and region.

Schemes and Targets

  • Wikipedia - Points to production servers.
  • Staging - Pushed to TestFlight as a separate app bundle, and has the ability to toggle different staging environments within the current property of Configuration:
    • An option of appsLabsForPCS will point to the Apps team's staging environment for page content.
    • An option of deploymentLabsForEventLogging will point to the Event Logging staging environment. It is for testing analytics events that the app sends to Event Logging.
    • An option of betaCluster will point to the MediaWiki beta cluster environment for most API calls. This is meant to be a more blanket environment setting, so if this value exists it will also force the beta cluster environment for page content on the article view as well as force the staging environment for event logging. This beta cluster environment is also where developers can test sandbox push notifications triggered across various wikis. This is selected by default.
  • Local Page Content Service and Announcements - used in Debug mode only, has the ability to toggle different local environments within the current property of Configuration:
    • An option of localPCS will point to a locally running mobileapps repository for page content. This is selected by default.
    • An option of localAnnouncements will point to a locally running wikifeeds repository for the announcements endpoint. This is selected by default.
    • All other endpoints will point to production.
  • RTL - Launches the app in an RTL locale using the -AppleLocale argument.
  • Experimental - For one off builds. Can point to whatever is needed for the given experiment. Pushed to TestFlight as a separate app bundle.
  • User Testing - For user testing. Has an alternate configuration so that it can be delivered ad hoc. Pushed to TestFlight as a separate app bundle.
  • WMF - Bundles up the app logic shared between the main app and the extensions (widgets, notifications).
  • Update Localizations - Covered in the localization document.
  • Update Languages - For adding new Wikipedia languages or updating language configurations. Covered in the languages document.
  • {{name}}Widget, {{name}}Notification, {{name}}Stickers - Extensions for widgets, notifications, and stickers.

Continuous Integration

Covered in the CI document.

Event Logging

Covered in the event logging document.

Web Development

The article view and several other components of the app rely on web components. Instructions for working on these components is covered in the web development document.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments, you can email us at mobile-ios-wikipedia[at]wikimedia dot org. We'll also gladly accept any bug reports.