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🏄Windy API, or Windy Leaflet Plugin, let you put animated weather map into your website and enjoy rich ecosystem of Leaflet library.
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Windy API v4

Windy API v4, also known as as Windy Leaflet Plugin, is simple to use javascript API based on Leaflet and technology, that powers

Windy API uses Leaflet version 0.7.7.

Previous versions of Windy API

  • Windy API v2.3 will be discontinued as of 31.11.2018

Getting started

Obtain your Windy API key here and check out our tutorials. You will handle our API in less than 20 minutes!


Other resources

Things to remember

  • Windy API is not compatible with higher versions of Leaflet and we have no intention to upgrade so far.
  • While providing coordinates to Leaflet can be done via object { lat, lng } with lng property, Windy supports { lat, lon } with lon property.
  • There can be only one instance of Windy Map on a page, but you can use multiple instances of Leaflet map on the same page.
  • All classes of leaflet.css are nested inside #windy selector (not to interfere with your own CSS), so if you want to use another instance of Leaflet map on the same page load leaflet.css yourself once more.
  • Windy uses a lot of global defined CSS classes and id selectors, with nice names like #bottom, #logo etc. Windy also puts a lot of CSS classes to body tag dynamically. If design of Windy Map is broken, check your CSS and rename your id and selectors please.
  • Windy API v4 does not use cookies
  • Windy API v4 heavily uses localStorage. Unintentional or intentional modifications of our items can lead to instability of Windy API.
  • Using undocumented functions of Windy engine can break your app, when we decide to upgrade our codes. If you miss something, rather let us know here and ask us to document and expose other features.

Conditions of use

Free version

Windy API is free and with unrestricted traffic usage, but offers only the gfs forecast model and only wind,rain,clouds, temperature, pressure,currents and waves layer. The Windy logo MUST remain as it is, i.e. clickable and without modification. However, you can move the Windy logo wherever you want within the Windy map. For the free version of the API, we reserve the right to 1) display advertisement inside the Windy map, 2) place "Download Windy App" message from time to time on mobile devices, or 3) discontinue free version of Windy API v4 at any time without prior notice

Paid version

For serious work, we recommend to use the paid version that contains iconEu, nam and gfs models and the most of all layers and also isolines. Paid version will also not contain our advertisement. It costs only 720USD per year (ordered via this form and paid annually via invoice). Developers of paid version can decrease opacity of Windy logo to 0.8 (however logo must remain clickable) and usage limit is average of 5.000 Unique Visitors a day (measured by Google Analytics). For permission to a higher quota, please contact us.

We are not allowed to provide ECMWF data to third parties, and therefore we cannot provide layers based on this data model (thunder, deg0, cloudtop, cbase, visibility, swell3, snowcover, ozone, sst and cape). Please note that some layers are based on multiple forecast models. Such layers are available, however, without ECMWF forecasts (for example: waves, wind waves or swell where the Wavewatch 3 model does not cover the Mediterranean Sea and other areas). We also cannot provide you with the radar layer. Everything else is included in the paid version. Please check the map for yourself at and see if it meets your expectations.

Non-commercial projects

Interesting and non-commercial sites using Windy API can ask for free upgrade to the paid version. The condition is that your project will be open sourced on GitHub. If this is your case, use the same form for paid version and describe your request.

Technical support

Drop a line in our Windy API section of our Windy Community forum.


[4.5] - 2018-11-20
  • New lib codes based on Windy client v16.17.0
  • Updated menu on the right side to contain all the available layers.
  • Map selector was renamed to #map-container so make sure it will be compatible with your code.
[4.4] - 2018-10-05
  • New API conditions
[4.0] - 2018-07-30
  • Leaflet and Windy library based on Leaflet v0.7.7 and based on Windy Client v15.15.1
[3.0] - 2017-2018
  • Windy API as easy to use console, using iframe and requires all apps to run on domain.
[2.3] - 2016-11-18
  • Fixed bug after changing URL from to
[2.2] - 2016-06-01
  • boot.js now run on https
[2.1] - 2016-06-01
  • Increased size of typed arrays storage to handle retina displays
[2.0] - 2016-04-15
  • Completely new version of API based on new Windyty 6.X.X codes
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