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This is first commit of GlassFish/Payara custom realm for Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

At first, I had tried to use the ADAL4J in this first commit.

However I noticed that there was few functionality on it. And I couldn’t get the group information from libraries. Thus, I could implement the authentication but I couldn’t implement the authorization.

Thus, I decided to use the Graph API in next version.

1. Build and copy the custom realm to GlassFish/Payara domain lib directory like follows.
cp AzureAD-Custom-Realm.jar $GLASSFISH_INSTALL/glassfish-4.1.1/glassfish/domains/domain1/lib
  1. GlassFish/Payara Configuration for Login
    AzureADRealm {
    com.yoshio3.azureRealm.AzureADLoginModule required;

  2. GlassFish/Payara Configuration for new Realm
    In order to use this "AzureAD-Custom-Realm", you need to configure the Security Realm on GlassFish/Payara as follows.
    asadmin create-auth-realm --classname com.yoshio3.azureRealm.AzureADRealm --property="jaas-context=AzureADRealm" AzureADRealm

  3. Restart GlassFish/Payara

  4. Build and Deploy "AzureAD-Login-WebApp" to GlassFish/Payara

  5. Configure the Active Directory on Microsoft Azure
    Note: Please register the application as "Native Client Application"? After register it, please get the client ID from Azure Portal and copy & paste to the following code of AzureAD-Custom-Realm project.

public class AzureADRealm extends AppservRealm {
private final static String CLIENT_ID = "----";

If you create the user on Active Directory on Microsoft Azure, you can login to the GlassFish/Payara and screen will transfer to the welcomePrimefaces.xhtml.