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Apple Music Web Player

This is a web player for Apple Music using MusicKit JS.

Apple and Apple Music are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


* denotes features only available when signed into Apple Music.

  • Access to the entire Apple Music library
  • Access to your personal Music Library*


  • Full track playback*
    • Control volume, shuffle and repeat modes
  • Add songs to the playback queue
  • Full screen player
  • Use keyboard media controls to play/pause, skip track and return to previous track (browser must support Media Session)
  • Notifications when the track changes (can be disabled if not desired)


  • Top charts
  • For you*
  • Recent*
  • Search both Apple Music and your Library*

Library management

  • Add playlists, albums and songs to your library*
  • Add songs to playlists (new or existing)*
  • Love and dislike songs*


Screenshot: Playlist

Screenshot: Top charts

Screenshot: Full screen player


This web player is written using Vue.js.

Getting started

git clone
cd apple-music-webplayer

# Install dependencies
npm install

# Add the private settings
cp src/private.js.sample src/private.js

# Add your Developer Token to src/private.js
#  To generate one, see below.

# To run a local development instance
npm run serve

# To build the app (to dist folder)
npm run build

Generating an Apple Music Developer token

Apple's official documentation provides a base, and then you can visit Creating an Apple Music API Token for a great guide on how to generate the token.


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