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Quick Start

The Quick Start tab provides you with an easy way to quickly test a web application.

Enter the URL of your target application and press the 'Attack' button.

ZAP will spider the target and then attack it with the active scanner.

For a more in depth test you should explore your application using your browser or automated regression tests while proxying through ZAP.

Launch Browser

As long as you have the Selenium add-on installed then you will see an option to launch browsers. Select the browser you want from the pull-down and press the 'Launch Browser' button. Browsers launched this way will be configured to proxy via ZAP and will ignore certificate errors, so you will not need to import the ZAP Root CA Certificate. ZAP will remember the last browser you chose when you restart it.

A button will also be added to the toolbar which will launch the latest browser chosen. The icon will change to represent the relevant browser

Note that launched browsers will stop working if you change the address or port that ZAP is listening on.


If you have the Plug-n-Hack add-on installed then you will see a button for configuring Firefox with Plug-n-Hack. This automatically configures Firefox to proxy via ZAP and will import and trust the ZAP Root CA.

See also

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