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The Help menu

This menu gives access to the 'about' dialog and this help file.


This displayed the 'about' dialog.

Support Info...

Displays a dialog that contains information which is useful when troubleshooting or seeking support. Such as: Version, installed add-ons and versions, operating system, java version, locale info, and ZAP Home Directory path. This information can be copied and pasted. The dialog includes an "Open" button, which assuming the OS supports the necessary functionality, will open the ZAP Home Directory (for logs or configuration files) when clicked.

Check For Updates...

This checks to see if you are running the latest version of ZAP.

OWASP ZAP User Guide

Displays this help file.

Note that add-ons can add additional menu items.

See also

     The top level menu
     UI Overview for an overview of the user interface
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