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ZAP Evangelists

The following people are happy to give free ZAP talks and/or training in their respective locations.

To contact all evangelists please use the group.

OK, so it looks like this table hasnt migrated from the previous Google Code wiki quite as well as we would have liked :/ Theres a scroll bar at the bottom which will show you more info which you'll need to use until we sort this out!

Name Contacts Locations * Languages Talks Training Notes / Specialities Previous talks / training / other links
Simon Bennetts UK / Worldwide / Remote English Y Y ZAP Project Lead Slides and videos linked off OWASP profile - feel free to rip these off ;)
Yvan Boily Canada English Y Y ZAP Enthusiast Webpage
Adam Baso SF Bay Area English Y Y Video
Duane L. Blanchard Pacific Northwest English Y Y SOURCE Seattle, SJSU Cyber Bootcamp, USCC, Black Lodge Research, ...
Zakaria Rachid France French, English, Arabic Y Homepage
Mauro Risonho de Paula Assumpção Brazil, Latin America Portuguese Y Y Slideshare
Amro Alolaqi Gulf Cooperation Council English, Arabic Y Talks linked off OWASP profile
Kim Carter NZ / Worldwide / Remote English Y Y Co-founder of CHCon, Creator of purpleteam, Host for Software Engineering Radio published author of many InfoSec books
Dan Cornell USA / Remote English Y Y OWASP New Zealand chapter leader Public Talks and Workshops
Adrien de Beaupre Canada English, French Y Y SANS teacher SANS Sec542 course
Mateo Martínez Latin America Spanish, English Y
Malik Mesellem Belgium / Remote English, Dutch Y Y Founder of bWAPP Training: Attacking & Defending Web Apps with bWAPP
Mark Goodwin UK English Y
Ben Walther Los Angeles area English Y
Johanna Curiel Netherlands, Caribbean Dutch, Spanish,English, Papiamento Y Y OWASP ZAP -creating add ons / Playing with Fuzzer
Mennouchi Islam Azeddine Algeria English, Arabic , French Y Y OWASP Algeria dzwebdays(Blida,Constantine,Algiers) , OWASP Algeria meeting , OWASP Sudan, Bside Algiers
Russ McRee USA / Remote English Y Y toolsmith author, infosec tools evangelist OWASP Top 10 tools, tactics presented at SANSFIRE, SecureWorld, ISSA International, etc.
Azzeddine Ramrami Morocco, France and Ivory Coast English, French Y French Translation for ZAP
Ahmed M Neil Egypt, Worldwide English Y Y
Jerome Athias Middle East English, French Y Y
Michael Coates Bay Area English Y Y OWASP Chairman
Aaron Guzman Los Angeles area English Y Y
Florencio Cano Gabarda Spain English, Spanish Y Y Talk: Fuzzing browsers with Peach Fuzzer
David Epler Washington, DC Area English Y
Mordecai Kraushar USA English Y Y OWASP project leader for vicnum talks and slide share at
Jonathan Fernández Latin America Spanish, English Y N Spanish Tranlation for ZAP
Yuho Kameda Japan English, Japanese Y Y Training Session in AppSecAPAC, OWASP Japanese Manual
Chetan Karande USA English Y N Previous talks
Minoru Sakai Japan Japanese Y Y Supervision OWASP Japanese Manual Previous training
Serg Belokamen Melbourne, Australia English, Russian Y Y OWASP chapter lead, application security designer/architect
Derek Armstrong Canada English Y Y ZAP Enthusiast, Malware Researcher SANS SEC504 Mentor
Marudhamaran Gunasekaran India English Y Y Application developer, web application security enthusiast Blog, Talks - Vimeo Channel
Dan Billing UK / Europe English Y Y Blog: The Test Doctor
Jess Vermont American Midwest (Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, etc) English Y N ZAP Focus – extensibility of ZAP; ZAP for general Web App Sec usage/pen testing/vulnerability detection
Yassia Savadogo Burkina Faso French Y Y Network Security
Ammar Hassan Brohi All Pakistan English Y Y ZAP as Swiss Army Knife
Marcin Kopeć Poland Polish and English Y Y
Sumanth Damarla India / Remote English, Hindi, Telugu Y Y ZAP Evangelist at FOSSASIA MWOS AMF Support project
kunal Relan India / Remote English, Hindi Y Y ZAP Evangelist,Mozilla Delhi/NCR Security lead and Information Security researcher Web Security Workshop
Robert Kerby USA / Southwest / Rocky Mountains / Remote English Y Y
Jonathan Claudius USA / Remote / Worldwide English Y Y ZAP Evangelist blog
Omer Levi Hevroni Israel / Remote / Worldwide English / Hebrew Y Y ZAP Evangelist Personal Site with previous talks
Chhagan Lal Mathuriya Bangalore, India English, Hindi Y Y I Have worked on Automated Security Testing usig ZAP My Github Page
Amit Kulkarni Perth, Australia English Y Y Automated Security Testing using ZAP My Github Page
Sanket Mishra Boston, US English Y Y Experience with OWASP ZAP Automated Testing
Mohammed A. Imran Singapore / Remote / Worldwide English Y Y OWASP DevSecOps Studio and DevSlop Project Leader Practical DevSecOps Course
Raul Siles Spain / Worldwide / Remote Spanish, English Y Y Web-app & mobile pen-tester, ZAP Contributor, SANS Instructor DinoSec's Lab, SANS SEC542 & SEC575
Mohammad Febri Ramadlan Indonesia / Southeast Asia English Y N ZAP for Penetration Testing and Automation Testing Slides

* Most ZAP evangelists will travel to give talks or training provided expenses are covered.

Anyone can be a ZAP Evangelist - you just need to feel comfortable talking about ZAP.

Please add your details to this page, or post your details to the ZAP Evangelists thread on the ZAP Developer Group.

You can also post to the above thread for advice and guidance on giving ZAP talks or training, or contact Simon directly.

And when you do arrange events please let us know so that we can update the ZAP Talks tab on the OWASP wiki.

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