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ZAP future Plans

Here are some of the features planned to be added or improved:

  • Fuzzing (using JBroFuzz)
  • Enhanced automated scanning, both passive and active
  • Enhanced spider, perhaps as a passive background thread
  • Technology fingerprinting
  • Internationalization - made good progress in v1.1.0, but not yet complete
  • Interaction with the Firefox Hackbar extension
  • Localization - please get in touch if you can help with this
  • More help pages, especially on manual testing techniques

Which of these would you most like to see first?
What else would you like to see?
Please get in touch.

Ideally any significant additional functionality will be added by integrating existing libraries.
This will only be possible where there are java open source libraries of a suitable quality.
If you have developed or know of a library you think may be suitable then please get in touch.

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