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Scanner Rules

If you want to help improve the scanner rules then here are a few pointers.

The Active Scan rules are defined in different add-ons depending on its quality:

The Passive Scan rules are defined in different add-ons depending on its quality:

Having a look at how these rules work would be a good place to start.

Note that the current Active rules tend to use regex expressions for analysing responses.

The Passive rules can use the Jericho HTML parser which allows the rules to be defined in a more effective way. Jericho is tolerant of various HTML errors, but this comes at a cost: various elements of non-HTML files are parsed by Jericho as HTML. For instance, a "form" element in a comment within a Javascript file will be reported by Jericho as a HTML form element. To ensure that this does not occur, a simple "null" check on the parent object will determine if the element has a valid HTML parent. Normal HTML comments seem to be parsed correctly, on the other hand.

Issue 244 has been raised to cover enhancing ZAP to support all of the WatcherRules.

The OWASP Top 10 Coverage page maps all the vulnerabilities listed by the OWASP Top Ten project to the Active and Passive scanner rules.

Any suggestions for new rules or code that implements new rules or improves existing ones will be gratefully received!

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