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The core development team is proud to announce the availabilty of Zikula Core 1.5.0.

Zikula Core 1.5.0 is available as of today, 5 August 2017. Core-1.5 is an LTS core version.

Here is a list of the most important changes:

BC Breaks:
- PHP minimum version raised to >=5.5.9.
- User Categories feature removed.
- All categories configuration removed.
- typeahead.js removed, use jQuery UI.
- Path to require.js changed (web/require instead of web) (#3669, #3671).

- Fixed initialization of JavaScript polyfills (#3348, #3486).
- Fixed storage of lastlogin in user object (#3383).
- Fixed inability to store sessions in files (#2001).
- Re-enabled CSRF token protection in forms in installer (#2186).
- CategoryPermissionApi now works but implementation has changed since Core-1.3. Read the docs.
- Fix handling of 'anonymous' user in PermissionApi (#2800).

- Added Permission-based controls for MenuModule menu items (#3314).
- SearchModule refactored to Core-2.0 standards.
- Added support for Symfony workflow component (#2423).
- Added WorkflowBundle providing an UI for workflow management (#2423).
- Added system var 'timezone' for setting the timezone for guest users (replaces 'timezone_offset').
- Added 'utcdatetime' doctrine column type for storage of utc datetimes (#3383).
- Added 'Either' authentication type - allows users to enter either uname or email (#2951).
- Added OAuthModule
- Added a form type for user name live search using auto completion (#710, #3610).
- New FormAwareHook category added.
- New Non-persisted hooks added (#2784, #2262, #236).
- Readded possibility to define and manage custom routes (#3625).

Zikula Core 1.5 is intended as a transition release between the very popular 1.3.x series and Zikula Core 2.0. While maintaining nearly 100% backward-compatibility, Core-1.5 lays the foundations of Symfony, Doctrine, Bootstrap, Font-Awesome, jQuery and Twig which will be the basis of future development. A new namespaced module structure is established that will be the new standard for 2.0 extensions as well as providing many new tools and features to make your site exceptional.

As always, please report all bugs, concerns and feature requests to our issue tracker on Github.