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  • Allow skipping documentation for a whole spec, pull request
  • Add common api description before resources sections (closes #354), pull request
  • Fix integer as header value, pull request
  • Don't evaluate original parameter name when custom method is provided , pull request





  • JSON Content-Type matcher is more inclusive, pull request
  • rename config post_body_formatter to be request_body_formatter, pull request
  • Pass rspec the right --order option (default or defined), pull request
  • Allow Class Resources, call #to_s for defined resource_name, pull request
  • Ensure that DIRECTORY_MAPPINGS is available, pull request



  • added 'route' url and http 'method' for all JsonIndex examples, pull request
  • disable_dsl_* methods documentation
  • Ability to set nested scopes, pull request
  • Remove ASCII_8BIT encoded data from response body
  • Pretty print JSON in response body
  • Set value of nested params, pull request
  • Infer parameter description from scope, pull request
  • Only load railtie if Rails::Railtie is defined, pull request


  • Fix for #to_json on empty hash creating bad params payload, pull request
  • extra_params use Hash#deep_merge! instead of merge, pull request
  • Show headers section only if the associated string is present, pull request
  • Remove explanation escaping, pull request
  • Add explanation method to documentation, pull request
  • Add acceptance to RSpec::Rails::DIRECTORY_MAPPINGS, pull request
  • Remove <p> style from default stylesheet, pull request
  • ClientBase#clean_out_uploaded_data
  • Configuration for disabling the status DSL
  • Allow resource name be a Class, pull request
  • Remove leading slashes from dirname, pull request
  • headers ending in "id" are displayed correctly, pull request
  • Test against latest ruby and rspec 3.x, pull request
  • Add bundler gem tasks, pull request




  • Set a default post body formatter, pull request
  • Use Rack::Utils.parse_nested_query instead of a custom implementation, issue



  • Restrict to rspec version 2.x
  • Markdown format, pull request


  • Add config options #response_headers_to_include and #request_headers_to_include, pull request
  • Fix cURL generation when nil headers are passed, pull request
  • Add license to gemspec, pull request
  • Rake task to generate docs in same order as specs, pull request
  • Pull out a cURL user when using basic auth, pull request, pull request
  • Fix uploaded data breaking docs generation, issue
  • Strip out non ascii characters in generated documentation, issue
  • All writers inherit from base writer, pull request
  • Add writer that appends to generated documentation instead of completely overwriting, pull request
  • Require ruby 2.0.0 to pass on travis
  • No longer require webmock unless you're using OAuth2MACClient
  • Escape cURL header values, issue
  • Allow cURL header filtering, issue
  • Remove ruby 1.9.2 support on travis
  • Decode HTTP Basic Authentication header and generate cURL example command with username and password, pull request


  • Remove deprecated DSL methods
  • Add in textile writer, pull request
  • Allow parameter to not be call for extra parameters to work, pull request
  • Set headers in example level, issue


  • Update minimum RSpec to 2.14
  • Deprecate required_parameters for :require => true options on parameter calls
  • Deprecate scope_parameters for :scope => 'scope' options on parameter calls
  • Move default folder to doc/api, issue


  • Remove assets, pull request
  • Move writers into RspecApiDocumentation::Writers namespace
  • Remove unknown class Examplegroup, pull request
  • Fixed: If only the exclusion filter was set then it was ignored
  • Better format of cURL headers, issue
  • Generate nicer JSON, pull request


  • Add deprecation notices for Wurl and notice for assets being removed in HTML output.


  • Update cURL output for HEAD and PATCH



  • Add an empty space between multiple responses in combined text writer
  • Writer for IODocs [thanks areina]
  • Support multibyte descriptions [thanks mataki]


  • Fix flipped request and response keys in template


  • Combined text writer for Raddocs
  • Added api_name configuration, which affects the HTML output.
  • Added response_status alias to status if you have status as a variable in a spec
  • Removed passing headers into ClientBase, you set headers via the DSL header "Accept", "application/json", see #36
    • If you are subclassing any client base and overriding the headers call, it now accepts a fourth parameter, headers, that are the headers based on the specs.
  • url_prefix now has a leading / and no trailing /


  • Added wURL - Thanks TildeWill
    • Use the WurlWriter to try it out


  • Split out DSL into multiple source files
  • Update for latest rspec


  • Bug fixes around requiring dependencies


  • Remove Rack::Test hard dependency
  • JSON keys in a request changed:
    • method -> request_method
    • route -> request_path
  • TestClient became RackTestClient in removing Rack::Test
  • OAuth2MACClient added, currently only supports client credentials
  • last_response was hidden, use one of the following methods to access responses data
    • response_headers
    • status
    • response_body
  • helper methods added for asserting on callbacks
    • request_method
    • request_headers
    • request_body