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Dive into CPython internals, trying to illustrate every detail of CPython implementation | CPython 源码阅读笔记, 多图展示底层实现细节
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Cpython Internals

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This repository is my notes/blog for cpython source code

Trying to illustrate every detail of cpython implementation

# based on version 3.8.0a0
cd cpython
git reset --hard ab54b9a130c88f708077c2ef6c4963b632c132b3

The following contents are suitable for those who have python programming experience and interested in internal of python interpreter, for those who needs beginner or advanced material please refer to awesome-python-books

Table of Contents







I will come back to this part when I finish reading < < Compilers > > and < < SICP > > and have a better understanding of this kind of stuffs

In the meantime, my routine work will have a higher priority, so you may need months to see updates in this part

Learning material

I will only recommend what I've read

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