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@dkotter dkotter released this May 17, 2016 · 1538 commits to develop since this release

ElasticPress 1.9 adds in an admin UI, where you can set your Elasticsearch Host and run your index commands, without needing to us WP-CLI. Version 1.9 also adds in some performance improvements to reduce memory consumption during indexing. Full list of enhancements and bug fixes:


  • Add in an Admin GUI to handle indexing. Props ChrisWiegman.
  • Add option to not disable ElasticPress while indexing. Props lukaspawlik.
  • Allow filtering of which post types we want to search for. Props rossluebe.
  • Remove composer.lock from the repo. Props ChrisWiegman.
  • Ensure both PHPUnit and WP-CLI are available in the development environment. Props ChrisWiegman.
  • User lower-case for our composer name, so packagist can find us. Props johnpbloch.
  • Check query_vars, not query to determine status. Props ChrisWiegman.
  • Improve memory usage during indexing and fix unnecessary cache flushes. Props cmmarslender.
  • Further reduce memory usage during indexing. Props lukaspawlik.
  • Add post__in and post__not_in documentation. Props mgibbs189.
  • Add Elasticsearch Shield authentication headers if constant is set. Props rveitch.


  • Fix the --no-bulk indexing option. Props lukaspawlik.
  • Fixed an error that occurs if no Elasticsearch host is running. Props petenelson.
  • Fixed an exception error. Props dkotter.
  • Fixed the WP-CLI status command. Props dkotter.
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