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@iJungleboy iJungleboy released this Apr 18, 2017 · 2468 commits to master since this release

Various smaller issues

  1. Filters Relationship & Value now have a "Fallback" which is used when the filter returns no hits
  2. Improved app-installation assistant, allowing you to select which apps to auto-install
  3. language update on the FR language pack
  4. entity-picker form-dirty fixes
  5. ADAM preview icon now has a link to open the file and hand-icons
  6. DNN 9 improvements (admin-bar covered some UIs)
  7. API URLs now case-insensitive
  8. increased net requirement to .net 4.5.1 to help in future enhancements
  9. toolbar-delete minor bug-fix
  10. xml-export fix with truncating last characters
  11. ca. 10 other small fixes

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