grub-btrfs, Include btrfs snapshots at boot options. (Grub menu)
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GitHub release


This is a version 4.xx of grub-btrfs

BTC donation address: 1Lbvz244WA8xbpHek9W2Y12cakM6rDe5Rt


Improves Grub by adding "btrfs snapshots" to the Grub menu.

You can start your system on a "snapshot" from the Grub menu.

Supports manual snapshots, snapper ...

Warning : it isn't recommended to start on read-only snapshot

What does grub-btrfs v4.xx do :

  • Automatically List snapshots existing on root partition (btrfs).
  • Automatically Detect if "/boot" is in separate partition.
  • Automatically Detect kernel, initramfs and intel microcode in "/boot" directory on snapshots.
  • Automatically Create corresponding "menuentry" in grub.cfg
  • Automatically detect snapper and use snapper's snapshot description if available.
  • Automatically generate grub.cfg if you use the provided systemd service.

Installation :

Arch Linux

pacman -S grub-btrfs


  • Run make install or look into Makefile for instructions on where to put each file.

NOTE: Generate your Grub menu after installation for the changes to take effect. (on Arch Linux use grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg)


You have the possibility to modify many parameters in /etc/default/grub-btrfs/config.

  • GRUB_BTRFS_SUBMENUNAME="Arch Linux Snapshots"

    (Name appearing in the Grub menu.)


    (Add a name ahead your snapshots entries in the Grub menu.)


    (Show full path snapshot or only name in the Grub menu, weird reaction with snapper)


    (Custom title, shows/hides p"prefix" d"date" n"name" in the Grub menu, separator "/", custom order available)


    (Limit the number of snapshots populated in the GRUB menu.)


    (Sort the found subvolumes by newest first ("descending") or oldest first ("ascending"). If "ascending" is chosen then the $GRUB_BTRFS_LIMIT oldest subvolumes will populate the menu.)


    (Show snapshots found during run "grub-mkconfig")


    (Show Total number of snapshots found during run "grub-mkconfig")

  • GRUB_BTRFS_NKERNEL=("kernel-custom")

    (Use it only if you have a custom kernel name)

  • GRUB_BTRFS_NINIT=("initramfs-custom.img" "initrd.img-custom")

    (Use it only if you have a custom initramfs name)

  • GRUB_BTRFS_INTEL_UCODE=("intel-ucode.img")

    (Use it only if you have custom intel-ucode)

  • GRUB_BTRFS_IGNORE_SPECIFIC_PATH=("var/lib/docker")

    (Ignore specific path during run "grub-mkconfig")


    (Snapper's config name to use)


    (Disable grub-btrfs)


    (Name of the grub folder in /boot/, might be grub2 on some distributions )

  • GRUB_BTRFS_OVERRIDE_BOOT_PARTITION_DETECTION="false" (Change to "true" if you have a boot partition in a different subvolume)

  • GRUB_BTRFS_MKCONFIG=grub-mkconfig

    (Name or path of the 'grub-mkconfig' executable; might be 'grub2-mkconfig' on some distributions)

Automatically update grub

If you would like Grub to automatically update when a snapshots is made or deleted:

  • Mount your subvolume which contains snapshots to /.snapshots
  • Use systemctl start/enable grub-btrfs.path
  • grub-btrfs.path automatically (re)generate grub.cfg when a modification appear in /.snapshots

Special thanks for assistance and contributions