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BarRaider's Stream Deck Tools

C# library that wraps all the communication with the Stream Deck App, allowing you to focus on actually writing the Plugin's logic.

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Getting Started

Introducing our new wiki packed with usage instructions, examples and more.

Dev Discussions / Support

Discord: Discuss in #developers-chat in Bar Raiders

Library Features

  • Encapsulates all the communicating with the Stream Deck, getting a plugin working on the Stream Deck only requires implementing the PluginBase class.
  • Sample plugin now included in this project on Github
  • Built-in integration with NLog. Use Logger.LogMessage() for logging.
  • Auto-populate user settings which were modified by the Property Inspector
  • Access the Global Settings from anywhere in your code
  • Simplified working with filenames from the Stream Deck SDK.
  • PluginActionId attribute let's you easily associate your code to a specific action defined in the manifest.json
  • Large set of helper functions to simplify creating images and sending them to the Stream Deck.

Change Log

Version 3.2 is out!

  • Created new ISDConnection interface which is now implemented by SDConnection and used by PluginAction.
  • GlobalSettingsManager now has a short delay before calling GetGlobalSettings(), to reduce spamming the Stream Deck SDK.
  • Updated dependencies to latest version

Version 3.1 is out!

  • Updated Logger class to include process name and thread id

Version 3.0 is out!

  • Updated file handling in Tools.AutoPopulateSettings and Tools.FilenameFromPayload methods
  • Removed obsolete MD5 functions, use SHA512 functions instead
  • Tools.CenterText function now has optional out textFitsImage value to verify the text does not exceed the image width
  • New Tools.FormatBytes function converts bytes to human-readable value
  • New Graphics.GetFontSizeWhereTextFitsImage function helps locate the best size for a text to fit an image on 1 line
  • Updated dependency packages to latest versions
  • Bug fix where FileNameProperty attribute

Version 2.7 is out!

  • Fully wrapped all Stream Deck events (All part of the SDConneciton class). See "Subscribing to events" section below
  • Added extension methods for multiple classes related to brushes/colors
  • Added additional methods under the Tools class, including AddTextPathToGraphics which can be used to correctly position text on a key image based on the Text Settings in the Property Inspector see "Showing Title based on settings from Property Inspector" section below.
  • Additional error checking
  • Updated dependency packages to latest versions
  • Sample plugin now included in this project on Github


  • Updated Install.bat (above) to newer version

Version 2.6 is out!

  • Added new MD5 functions in the Tools helper class
  • Optimized SetImage to not resubmit an image that was just posted to the device. Can be overridden with new property in Connection.SetImage() function.