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MetaSearch within BiglyBT allows the use of a number of 'search templates' to produce a consolidated set of search results.

Each search template corresponds to a source of search results such as a web site, your subscriptions within BiglyBT or swarm discoveries.

BiglyBT comes with some pre-installed search templates is provided as a convenience to BiglyBT users. BiglyBT does not have any relationship with the underlying sites and cannot attest to the legitimacy, safety or completeness of any content that may be identified through such services. BiglyBT selected and selects these torrent sites because it has a good faith and reasonable belief that those sites track or host content, the overwhelming majority of which content does not infringe upon the rights, including copyright, of any third party. BiglyBT attempts to determine the legitimacy and legality of these sites -- regarding those sites mostly or exclusively involving non-infringing content -- based upon news reports, outcomes of lawsuits or governmental actions against those sites, as well as periodically examining the number of take-down requests received by Google for domains alleged to be associated with infringing content. (See, Google Transparency Report, and we encourage you to read Google's official blogs about its Transparency report.) BiglyBT recognizes that simply because Google might receive a lot of take-down requests associated with a domain that does not necessarily mean that there is a lot of infringing content available on or through such sites, because take-down requests are simply allegations of infringement, not proof that there was or is infringement, many take-down requests are false, abusive, do not take into account "fair use" under the United States Copyright Act and analogous laws of other territories or countries, and might even be based upon falsified court orders. Further, there are reports that many take-down request involve attempts to suppress political speech. However, if BiglyBT becomes aware of an exceptionally high number of take-down requests associated with a domain that has been in existence for a reasonable period of time BiglyBT will typically not include, or will remove, such site from its pre-selected search templates.

BiglyBT users assume, and BiglyBT disclaims, all risks including of using those templates. It is each user's responsibility to ensure that they are only downloading lawful and non-infringing content -- wherever it may be found. In any event, BiglyBT strongly urges each user to act responsibly when it comes to downloading and sharing content.

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