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To migrate from a compatible legacy client such as Vuze/Azureus you can just run the BiglyBT installer - it will prompt you regarding migrating configuration and downloads. Please note that you can't 'restore' a backup made in another client in BiglyBT as they are incompatible.

If for some reason you want to continue running a legacy client at the same time as BiglyBT (for example, you want to manually migrate downloads, or perhaps complete existing ones in an old client while adding new ones to BiglyBT) then you can do this by installing a separate BiglyBT. However, you will need to make one change to enable them to run concurrently - you need to select a different listening port for one of them. To do this you need to pass a different value via the 'azureus.instance.port' Java system property. Use your favourite search engine to find out how.

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